Informations sur le profil

  • Age: 21
  • Bonnet: B
  • Silhouette: S
  • Préférence: bisexual
  • Ville:
  • Origine: european
  • Couleur de cheveux: blonde
  • Signe Astrologique: aries


Hi loves I'm Bubbles, I’m here to talk, look sexy and get naughty. I love to workout, play tennis, bake and go outdoors. I am from Italy originally but I moved to the States about 10 years ago. Because of Covid-19 I lost my job and I was introduced to this!! it has now become my full time job, I love it so much because I get to meet people and hopefully make everyone's day a little better because you guys make my day. I appreciate all of you

J'aime: I love to workout, hang out with my kitty and make some good food

Je deteste: I do not like reading or stupid people

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