Informations sur le profil

  • Age: 26
  • Bonnet: B
  • Silhouette: S
  • Préférence: bisexual
  • Ville:
  • Origine: european
  • Couleur de cheveux: brunette
  • Signe Astrologique: aries


Hello there! I am natural and very friendly. What I love is meeting people with whom I can have a great fun time and good chats, besides painting, listening to music, cooking and learning new languages. I'm struggling to grasp a bit of german and french currently, maybe you would LOVE to help me with that. ;) About how I am as a person I can't say much. I prefer to let you discover me.(MASTURBATION and ORGASM in VIP chat :* :* :* )

J'aime: 1.Connection, communication, your sexy stories ; 2. I have some kinks

Je deteste: 1.anal sex done to myself ; 2. *very hardcore* sadism / masochism and torture, but I very much enjoy the *softcore* side of it on both the giving and the receiving ends.

En ligne: