Informations sur le profil

  • Age: 34
  • Bonnet: B
  • Silhouette: M
  • Préférence: straight
  • Ville:
  • Origine: latin
  • Couleur de cheveux: black
  • Signe Astrologique: aries


I'm a happy person, enjoy and love my life. Always ready to spend the best time with you. I'm a wild woman about sex life and I love exploring and try differents ways to get pleasure. Life is so short.. take a chance and have a lot of sex!

J'aime: A voice man, strong hands, and some beers. Have sex with some drinks is the best!.. I love sharing with my friends, I love to sleep a lot!

Je deteste: Im a sensitive woman. Please be gentle and polite, and I love to be happy to my friends don't be rude

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