Informations sur le profil

  • Age: 26
  • Bonnet: B
  • Silhouette: L
  • Préférence: bisexual
  • Ville:
  • Origine: african
  • Couleur de cheveux: black
  • Signe Astrologique: aries


I’m the caring respectful type of person I love to be indoors and out I love walking and running going out to eat getting my nails done I love to have fun just about anywhere I have a lot of friends who would love to help me explore my dreams I enjoy cooking and cleaning to reconnect with myself I like to play video games or read a book or maybe just fantasize I make people happy without even trying I love being a people person I have a big heart and sometimes I hope yo get the love I give

J'aime: Things that excite me is people that smells hood I like good hygiene and a person that knows how to dress

Je deteste: I love to do everything I’m submissive like that

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